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Warren County Maintenance Manager Adam Elms announced the following work schedule for the week of August 3, 2015 for roads maintained by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation in Warren County.


Warren County Schedule:

State Route

Local Road Name


Work Description

SR 0006

Rt. 6

Columbus Twp.

Crack Sealing

SR 0077

Old Rt. 77

Spring Creek Twp.

Edge Paving

SR 0957

Rt. 957

Columbus Twp.


SR 0957

Rt. 957

Freehold Twp.


SR 1001

Yankee Bush Rd.

Farmington Twp.

Bridge Replacement

SR 2001

Hearts Content Rd.

Cherry Grove Twp.


SR 4007

Bear Lake Rd.

Columbus Rd.

Pipe Replacement


Various Roads in Warren County


Small Paint Program

All activities are weather permitting, and this list is subject to change.


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